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I'm Lance Mayhew, the owner/operator of Ada County Lock and Safe, LLC

and a Certified Master Safecracker in the National Safeman's Organization.

Although I've been playing with locks and keys ever since I was a kid, I took my first official course while in the Navy, and became a full-time locksmith when I left active duty in 2005. The financial crisis prompted my wife and I to start Ada County Lock and Safe, LLC in 2009.


We service the entire Treasure Valley and parts beyond, not just Ada County. If your location lies between Caldwell and Boise, you won't be paying any additional mileage fees.


Give us a call and let us know how we can help!

(208) 602-6294

About me

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Have an old safe with a worn out lock?


Many antique safes weren't designed to be used with modern locks.

When the old lock wears out or breaks, should you throw the whole safe away?

No way!

Give me a call, and we'll explore your options. I've retrofit many antique safes that were on their way to the scrap heap. Keep the cool look of these older safes while enjoying the reliability of a modern lock. If the old lock is unusual enough, we can probably work out a discount if you let me keep the old parts for my collection.



I specialize in damage-free and minimally-invasive opening methods.


If the safe has a mechanical dial, I prefer to manipulate when feasible.

If the safe has an electronic lock, I have an array of specialized attacks that can open the container with

little or no damage.


Sometimes, like in the case of an interior safe malfunction, there might be no way to open the safe except by drilling. If drilling is required, I prefer microdrilling (less than a 1/4” diameter hole). Drilled holes are repaired using a variety of methods, from simple epoxy patches all the way up to carbide inserts and ball bearings. I come prepared to weld if necessary. If fire resistance is a concern, I also carry fire resistant patching material in my van.

If a safe or vault needs service, then I'm the guy to do it!


Some of the services I offer include:


  • Finding lost combos (open or closed)
  • Combination changing
  • Dial to keypad conversions
  • Keypad to dial conversions
  • Lock inspection and repair
  • Door and boltworks adjustment and alignment
  • and much, much more!


Safes and Vaults, Service, Openings, Retrofits and Repair

(208) 602-6294